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The mentor is a coach and a facilitator

As a mentor and faculty member, I had to ensure the development of my trainees through teaching, assessing the progress or troubleshooting a research project.

In my role as a former Director of the program in Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics, I got the privilege to work with multiple talented students/trainees at different level of their education; I served on 24 advisory graduate student committee and the lab hosted 36-students (25 PhD students, 8 medical students, 13 pharmacy students). At post-graduate level, the lab hosted 3 residents from both Pharmacy and Medicine as well as 8 research post-doctoral fellows. Among these amazing individuals, I would like to share some of the inspiring stories.


In 2013, PGY2 Pharmacy Pediatric Resident, Nicole Rozette, Pharm D and PGY3 Medical Ophthalmology Resident, Shivani Sethi, MD. These two residents worked with other lab…

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In 2014, Medical student, Amina Farooq and PGY2 Medical Ophthalmology Resident, Mark Stephens, MD. worked with other lab members to asses whether changes in the…

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