Tayyeba Ali


Tayyeba K. Ali, MD a talented and highly motivated physician who was my first research fellow in the Retinopathy lab (2006-2008). The success of Tayyeba’s postdoctoral training was evidenced by a total of 6-publications including first-author in J. Diabetes, Diabetologia and a review article in Pharmacotherapy. Dr. Ali was awarded the first prize “Raymond and Mary Morris Ophthalmology Award on her oral presentation of our studies on the role of proNGF in diabetic retinopathy. She continued her academic work as a Faculty and Cornea Director.

Publication List: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=El-Remessy%2C+Ali+TK
Current position: https://news.uams.edu/2016/02/02/cornea-specialist-tayyeba-ali-m-d-joins-uams/

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