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Dr. El-Remessy is a recognized expert in the fields of oxidative stress and retinal neurodegeneration in models of diabetes and neurotoxicity. She has served as organizer, moderator and speaker in international conferences and substantial experience as reviewer of her peers in the field. Dr. El-Remessy has been active scientist who served the profession and her peers at multiple level. The national recognition for the level of contribution to the vascular biology and retinopathy field in general is evident by her current activity in the following professional organizations:

  • -Fellow of American Heart Association (FAHA).
  • -Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management (BC-ADM).
  • -Women in Eye and Vision Research (WEAVR).
  • -ARVO (Association for Research in Visual sciences and Ophthalmology) Advocacy and outreach group.
  • -Women in Science (WIS), Society for Redox Biology and Medicine.
  • -Professional Development, Society for Redox Biology and Medicine.
  • -Women in Diabetes (WIN), American Diabetes Association.

Moderator and symposium speaker

2010 : Symposium organizer and Moderator, “Role of retinal neuro-degeneration in diabetic retinopathy” ARVO, Ft. Lauderdale, FL,
2011 : Symposium organizer and Moderator, “Is inflammation an effective therapeutic target in diabetic retinopathy?” ARVO, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
2011 : VDI symposium speaker, “NMDA: New Animal model of diabetic retinopathy”
2012 : Gordon Research Conference on Angiotensin, “Role of ARBs in reparative angiogenesis”
2013 : VDI symposium speaker,“VEGF and antioxidant defense: Is too little too much?”
2013 : Symposium speaker/ moderator, “Mechanisms of reparative angiogenesis” ARVO Seattle, WA
2013 : Moderator “Neurovascular disease of the diabetic retina” 73rd Scientific Session, ADA, Chicago, IL,
2013 : Organizing committee for 74th Scientific Sessions of ADA, San Francisco, CA
2014 : Symposium Speaker, Novel mechanisms of body weight regulation and glucose homeostasis,74th Scientific Session of ADA, San Francisco, CA
2014 : Symposium Speaker Diabetic retinopathy: targets and treatments, 74th Scientific Session of ADA, San Francisco, CA
2014 : Moderator, “Diabetic Retinopathy”, poster session, ARVO, Orlando, FL
2014 : Symposium Speaker/moderator, Mechanisms in retinal angiogenesis and retinopathy ARVO, Orlando, FL
2015 : Professional Development Symposium Speaker, Winners never quit. SFRBM, Boston, MA
2016 : Symposium Speaker and Moderator Scientific sessions of SFRBM, San Francisco, CA
2016 : NGF Bi-annual meeting “Diabetes-induced imbalance of proNGF/NGF: implication for DR. Monterey, CA
2017 : Symposium Speaker “Angiogenesis” ARVO, Baltimore, MD.
2017 : Symposium Speaker “Winners never quit: How to deal with failures”. SFRBM, Baltimore, MD.
2017 : Chair and Session Speaker, Diabetes and microvascular complication, International Conference on Diabetes and its Complications, Baltimore, MD.
2018 : Session Speaker, Diabetic retinopathy and metabolic syndrome: Beyond hyperglycemia, ISER Bi-annual meeting, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
2018 : Professional Development Symposium Organizer, Winners never quit: how to deal with failures. SFRBM, Chicago, IL

Invited Speaker to Academic Institution

2006 : Queen’s University, Northern Ireland. “VEGF and peroxynitrite: a tale of two signaling pathways”
2008 : University of Florida, Dept. of Pharmacology. “Paradox NGF and neurodegeneration in DR”
2010 : Penn State University, Dept. of Ophthalmology “Peroxynitrite inhibits NGF survival signaling”
2013 : Emory University, Cardiology “TXNIP is required for VEGF angiogenic signal in EC”
2014 : Indiana University Ophthalmology “When NGF goes pro diabetic retinopathy”
2016 : Emory University, Cardiology “HFD-induced TXNIP-NLRP3 inflammasome: beyond the eye”
2019 : Morehouse School of Medicine, “Targeting p75NTR for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy: Are we there yet”

Member of Grant Review Panels

2008-2010 : AHA Study section, Vascular Wall Biology-2
2009-2012 : ADA Study section, Complications
2012-2013 : AHA Study section, Vascular Wall Biology-6
2009-2012 : Fight for Sight UK
2012-2017 : Diabetes UK
2012-2017 : Oak Ridge Associated Universities
2013-2016 : JDRF Training Grants in Complication
2013-2016 : NEI Ad Hoc Reviewer, DPVS study section.
2015-2017 : NHLBI Ad Hoc Reviewer, HM study section.
2013-present : Ad Hoc Reviewer, Qatar Research National Fund (QRNF).

Editorial Board member

2010-2014 :Member of the Editorial Board of “Journal of Molecular Vision”
2015-2018 : Associate Editor, “World Journal of Diabetes”
2014-2017 : Associate Editor, J. Neuroinflammation

Ad hoc Reviewer for the following journal list (2005-present)

J. Clinical Investigation,
Current Clinical Pharmacology,
J. Blood,
Molecular Vision,
J. Hypertension,
Am J. Physiol,
J. Diabetes and its Complication,
J. Invest. Ophth. Vis. Science (IOVS),
J. Cellular Physiology,
J. Experimental Diabetes Res.,
J. Experimental Eye Res.,
J. Experimental Cell Research,
J. Vascular Pharmacology,
J. Current Eye Res,
J. Neuroscience,
J. Acta Neuropathologica,
J. Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics,
J. Ophthalmology,
J. Physiology Genomics,
Free Radical Biology and Medicine and Molecular Vision,
J. Neuroinflammation.

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