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Over the past two decades, my published work was showcased in 95 peer-reviewed publications in the leading journals, two book chapters and over 185 presentations in national and international conferences.

I would like to disclose that some of my published work went under investigation by my affiliate institutions in 2014-2016, which was followed up by the NIH investigation. It is interesting that I was singled out to be investigated, blamed and punished for a number articles that were performed and published over 2-decades, 4-Research Labs, in 3-Academic Institutions with more than 30-coauthor. While the investigational committee at my own Academic institution ignored the presented evidence, the Research Integrity office at the NIH cleared the case in 2017 and accordingly, I was able to resume my NIH funding and contribute scholarly articles.

Despite the turmoil and rebel effects of investigation, I am very grateful for the support and trust of the Scientific community that allowed pursuing and publishing my research (34-research and invited review articles) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=el-remessy as well as serving on advisory and professional organization.

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